20 Things You Don't Know about Me (Or maybe you do?)

I've decided to do this although it's probably already very passe.

1) I looked like a geek in my teens (until I turned 16), and whenever I show my friends my I/C or passport photo(which I have since changed cos of repeated warnings from the JB customs), they will ask if I have gone for plastic surgery because it seems that even my features look entirely different now.

2) No, I did not undergo any form of cosmetic surgery.

3) I was very tanned in lower secondary school, and most taxi drivers/bus drivers spoke Malay to me.

4) I have been underweight all my life.

5) I always get Gold/Silver for my physical fitness tests.

6) I took music as an 'O' level subject and have a grade 8 distinction in the ABRSM exams (I think if u read my blog, u would have known this by now)

7) I have always been a straight As student (A levels were an exception cos I didn't study at all), but contrary to popular belief, I do not study very hard.

8) I can neither swim nor cycle. The only sport I enjoy is running.

9) I have recently been certified a professional translator (English to Chinese & Chinese to English), but I doubt my capabilities.

10) I don't drink coffee.

11) I'm a better drinker than my bf. *chuckles*

12) When I was young, my secondary school bestie and I contemplated joining SIA as air stewardesses upon graduation, but this wish was never fulfilled because our goals and directions in life changed.

13) My bf is my best friend.

14) I started wearing glasses in primary 2. Now, my degrees are about 800 for each eye.

15) My favourite literature classic is Pride & Prejudice, and I absolutely hate Jane Eyre & Gulliver's Travels.

16) I wish Singapore had an opera house where I can watch all of Guiseppe Verdi's operas.

17) I love dance as much as music, but I'm not flexible at all. haha.

18) I set up a CCA named Bodyworks in SMU to organize fitness classes (e.g. yoga, pilates, kickboxing) for the school community.

19) I started auctioning my clothes more than 5 years ago, long before the auction rage began and also before people thought favourably of online shopping.

20) I have always been able to pay for my own expenses, and I hope I will continue to be able to think of money-making schemes (legal ones) to support my expenditure.


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