[Review] Atomy skin care products

I'm back with another review - this time, focusing on a number of the "Atomy" skincare products!

Atom美 (The last character is the "mi/y" part of "Atomy") is a South Korean company that makes skincare as well as health supplements. Their cosmetics claim to be made of 100% natural herbal ingredients using advanced technologies. It's a "members only" system, so you'd have to specifically buy it from an individual seller. Aka = harder to get than other Korean cosmetics. 

Atomy cosmetics in a nutshell:

- High purification technology 
- Korean medicine aging biotechnology
- Multiple nano-capsule technology
- Fresh organic herbal tea ingredients 

The combination of these features and technologies (supported by the Korean Atomic Energy research institute and owned by different Korean companies) create the Atomy skincare line. 

I know. A lot of science-y weird stuff. 

I've watched their CEO, Park Han-gil, speak about his products in this youtube clip (for non-Korean speakers, there are English subtitles provided). There's a lot of boiling organic stuff, enrichment, vitamins, "excellent absorption", etc in these products. Yet despite all of this, Atomy was created on the belief that prestigious, quality goods can be sold and distributed at a low price. 

All that aside, I'll tell you how this line worked on my skin. 
TL;DR: It's horrible, and I wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive or allergy prone skin. 

The products 
I will be reviewing the following 5 skincare products from Atomy Cosmetics (in order):
- Evening care foam cleansing
- Milk lotion
- Skin lotion
- Essence
- Eye cream

Price: They're around $20-30USD each. Obviously, prices depends on what you're buying, but I haven't seen any Atomy product over $35USD. 
So despite all the "luxurious" and "prestigious" marketing labels, they're still affordably priced. 

Evening care foam cleansing

- Removes pore sediments
- Trouble care with trichloro acetic acid contents
- Removes sebum in pores to help maintain clean and health skin
- Fine and rich foam power
- Rich moisturizing and nutritious effect of beta-glucan and vegetable worm extract (I know - worms?!)

Experience: I did think this foam cleanser helped me clean my skin well. There wasn't anything really wrong with it. Foam cleansers often make my pores firm and tight, and I think Atomy one did this a little too well. It's hard to explain, but my skin felt quite "botox-y" after using this cleanser. The feeling went away after an hour or two. 

It didn't break me out, nor did it hurt my skin. However, it wasn't anything special and I can't notice a difference between using this cleanser and something "less luxurious", like The Face Shop ones. 

Repurchase: No - I can find cheaper products that work just as well. 

Milk Lotion and Skin Lotion

- Moisturizing care
- With Black yeast beta-glucan, a moisturizing factor developed by fermentation life science, attracts moisture in the air to continuously moisturize the skin

Experience: The ingredients all promise to provide excellent absorption and all that jazz - but these did the opposite for me. If I used them at night, I would wake up the next morning with A LOT of product still on my face. It barely absorbs! (It looks quite nice in the pictures though @___@)

Milk lotion

On top of that, these lotions seriously irritated my skin. I personally don't think it's  wrong with the company and the quality of the ingredients. A lot of people have been raving about the lotions (my mum and grandma included), but I'm not one of them. 

My face got really irritated and red when I used them. It stung painfully when I touched my face, and this lasted for almost a week. I haven't been allergic to anything I've put on my face till then, but there was probably something in there (one of the herbs, or maybe the fragrance) that I reacted to. 

Skin lotion

Repurchase: No - and if you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, I wouldn't really recommend these products for you!~


- Nutrition care
- Culturing and fermentation of Phellinus linteus mycelia on brown rice = made into 100% nano particles = penetrates deep into skin

Experience: The essence also has fragrance, but after using the milk and skin lotion (which made my skin crazy), I found that it soothed my skin slightly. I haven't really used the essence on its own (I used the Atomy skincare in set formation, so yeah), and because the ingredients are similar to the milk and skin lotion, I'm not too willing to try it like that either. 
- Soothes irritated skin, gives nutrition to the skin. 

Repurchase: No, not really. Despite all the natural ingredients and the "science" behind these products, I find that they work the same as regular Korean skincare stuff (well, at least the ones that don't irritate my skin)

Eye cream 

- Wrinkle improvement and prevention
- "Functional cosmetic product"
- Important for the "energy metabolism of the skin"

Experience: I know I've reviewed Atomy pretty negatively so far, but this one takes the cake. The giant, angry blogger cake. 

Note: I've used this at least 4 separate times (each time between a span of a couple weeks), for at least 2-3 days consecutively. The eye cream was in the evening just before sleep, and no other eye products
were layered on.

Every single time I've used this eye cream, it's given me milia. Little, almost "whitehead like" seeds that  form around my eyes, on my eyelids, etc. They are an absolute pain to get rid of, they're terribly unsightly, and used to take me forever to get rid of them. (Side note: I've found that applying a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of Differin really helps. Zaps it away, but it's very drying and not recommended to use on the eye area.) 

I had to make 100% sure that it was the eye cream that was responsible for the Milia, so I tried it several times before coming to full answer. It was. And I hate this eye cream. Arugh. 

Like the usual eye cream, it's has much more moisture than a regular moisturizer. But it is incredibly heavy, blocks my skin from breathing, thus causing the milia seeds. It barely makes a difference on my eyes as well - Shiseido's benefiance WrinkleResist24 eye cream works WAY better, and doesn't give me any milia either! 

Repurchase: NO. Again, I wouldn't recommend this eye cream to people who have sensitive and allergy prone skin. I wouldn't recommend it to people with oily skin as well. 


It may be formulated with natural ingredients and created with cutting edge technology, and even labelled as a "luxury skincare brand", but I would not buy nor use Atomy again. 

Even when it's used on my family members (mum, grandma and a couple of aunts), there really isn't much of a visual difference. Although they like it and think the price is decent for the amount they get, it's no miracle product. I've asked them about it, and most of them just use it because it's natural, works decently on them, and "it would've been a waste if we keep buying different products!". 

My advice? Skip Atomy, and try out Laneige or IOPE. Those 2 brands have never failed to disappoint me!

Thanks for reading this very lengthly review-rant!


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