Yearly Reunion

Yes, we get together as a group once a year (sometimes more) for dinner. These peeps were from bodyworks, this fitness club that I set up in SMU. Raf was going to be posted to Dubai for a year, so it was an opportune time for a reunion!

And off to Swensons we went for a grand feast!

Apple Crumble - absolutely gratifying FULLSTOP

The babes

The babes + 1 hunk (almost) - Our uncle came 2 hours late loh. He's very nice, always helping us to foot the bill (actually we forced him to haaha). Unfortunately, it wasn't a treat and we all paid him back. People got gf now, so we shouldn't deprive him of financial resources. So kind of us. *beams*

I'm so tired recently, so I shall just cut a long story short by saying that we had a great time Gossiping (boy was I shocked and also enlightened by all the sudden revelations) and Gobbling!

Will be back next week with other photos of another gathering. Till then, this should suffice for now.

I'm loving my new catherine malandrino dress, although it makes me look stick thin. I have a new resolution, which is to put on weight!!!


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