I just returned from a 5-day shopping trip to Bangkok. Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest hotel in Thailand, was my humble abode during my short stay in the country.

Breakfast (they had a buffet spread, including my favourite sunny-side up and koko krunch!!) is served on the 78th floor everyday, complete with a breathtaking view of the city.

It was a feast for both my stomach and my eyes, for never have I eaten so much for breakfast, nor seen Bangkok from such heights. :)

Recently, I seem to have developed a fetish for buildings. The only photos I took overseas were of nothing but buildings. I might be stating the obvious, but after looking at these photos, it struck me that the types of buildings and the masterplanning of a city capture a lot about a country's stage of development.

Bangkok looks relatively developed from the shots..even more so that UAE if you ask me. A pity that political stability seems to have faded into oblivion, although it isn't particularly evident to tourists.

On a lighter note, all I did in Bangkok was shop and eat, just like what the typical tourist does, except that the only thai food I eat is Pad Thai haha..cos I don't take spicy food. I think I ate Pad Thai at least 3 times, of which the best was the one I had at MBK foodcourt. :P I love thai desserts too, especially the mango with glutinous rice...yum yum.. Still on the topic of desserts, I would also like to hereby declare that my favourite ice-cream parlour is Baskin Robbins. Their ice-cream is of supreme quality - it doesn't melt as fast as others, and it's extremely tasty. I had Baskin Robbins in both UAE and Bangkok, and am now officially hooked. Never understood why Singapore never took well to the brand. As an avid ice-cream lover, I think Baskin Robbins beats Ben and Jerry's hands-down. Jw agrees with me too!

Ok..enough about food. The reason why I keep talking about food is because I've yet to have my dinner and I'm so hungry I can eat a cow. hahaha.

Food aside, shopping was fantastic (since when was it not?). I could find work suits, pants, skirts in my size. No alteration needed. Yay!! The designs are also more interesting than what we see in Singapore, not to mention that the prices go easy on my pocket as well. I love their streetwear too you can see, I cannot get enough of fashion, clothes and shopping. I think I bought enough shoes and clothes to last me a year or two.:P. No pics yet cos I've dumped my clothes in the wash, and there are just too many shoes to photograph. Wahaha.

I did a full manicure with nail art while I was there too. The flowers are so symmetrical that I'm still very awed by the manicurist who painstakingly drew them on my nails. I bet she draws like 10,000 flowers a day or something. :P

Every time I go to Thailand, I regret not knowing how to speak Thai because everyone there thinks I'm Thai (which is good cos it means I don't look touristy; it also doesn't hurt that most thai girls are very pretty IMO :P)!!! I've been wanting to learn Thai for the longest time, but I've also been procrastinating for eons. I'm not only a shopping queen..I'm also the queen of procrastination.


***Edited to add: My Loots (Part 1)

Bought most of my shoes (mostly evening shoes) at 199 baht! hee. I love heels with ribbon ties. The black patent pumps are from mondo though, not bangkok :P.

Bagged an authentic pair of DKNY heels at just 390 baht. What a steal ;).

Chanel replica looks way prettier in real life. :) Got it at just S$10.

Brown faux leather clutch. Looks much better in real life too, and complements most outfits :D


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