My Christmas Gift

Sunday's Very Best. She's the one I've been wanting to get my hands on (I think she's the prettiest!), and now she's mine to keep! :D

All thanks to JW *muaks*.

He says she looks like me cos we both have fat cheeks, big eyes and long curly hair. Haha. I have this Blythe "hong bai lan" bag (the basket-woven foldable bags that aunties use for travelling :P), and my friends commented that I look just like blythe - the doll on my bag has reddish brown hair, just like yours truly one year ago.

I think that's a compliment cos I think blythe dolls are all very chio. ;)

She can be modified to look like this..soo cute!! Can't bear to take the sweetie pie out of the box though. :PTime to sleep and work tomorrow..yikes....Nite nite!


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