Sick (only physically)

I've been having a fever for the past 2 days(actually more)and am currently on the path to recovery. All plans to meet up with my friends have been foiled, and I'm stranded at home with the telly, computer and the bed.

Jw came knocking on the door at 12 today, a pleasant surprise I must say. He told me he wanted to see me today, but I thought it'll be an after-work affair. I was so frail and weak (and sleepy too) that I couldn't go out for lunch so we both lumbered onto my bed for a nap, though not before Jw abused my cheeks. :(

He thinks my cheeks are like the 8th wonder of the world. *raises an eyebrow*

Yes, my facial cheeks (see below).

I happened to be wearing my fav top of the moment too.

Cheeks aside, I realised that it is only when I'm sick that I get enough rest. Ironic isn't it. The funniest thing is..I didn't realise I was running a temperature for the past few days until I went to see a doc yesterday. All along, I thought I was just heaty. I sure hope my brains ain't fried yet. :P

Well, at least I'm still aware that I have a new fetish - the bag fetish!! The celine clandestine is my favourite bag currently.

I also made a new friend recently who offered to loan me her fendi spy for a test-drive. :) What a nice gal!

I'm also an ardent fan of It's a photos galore and there're so many reviews of practically every IT bag.

Alrighty..time to return to the comfort of my bed. :P


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