Bf day = Saturday

The boy and I went to Ikea & Queensway on Saturday. It's been ages since I last went to both places.

This shopping spree was a revelation for me. I would say it's one of the minor turning points of my life because I finally realised that shopping isn't my life. Rather, squandering money IS my life!! I was so elated even though the only things I bought that day included cute storage boxes and a pretty bedspread.


No pix though..cos the lazy bug has set in and I couldn't care less :P.

Some miscellaneous pics

On the way to Queensway shopping centre, we came across an a**h***(see below) who refused to drive forward even though there was a lot of space in front, leaving us stranded at the traffic light junction. Jw had to horn him a couple of times before he inched forward gingerly...

Closer to the evening, we headed down to orchard road..where I finally bought my patty ann jeans from levi's with my S$50 voucher, courtesy of M1. No pics as usual.

Then, we decided to give Balcony at Heeren another chance. I personally didn't like their service the first time I went there. But after last saturday, I have to admit that their service standard has improved by leaps and bounds.

I am very particular about service and have never hesitated to boycott shops that provide less than satisfactory service. It doesn't matter how scrumptious the food is or how attractive the clothes are. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the waiters here have since become very attentive, and the cocktails are now very well concocted, nothing like the blend, diluted drinks of the past.

Me..on my way to slumberland + the not-so-sleepy bf

A bird's eye view of crazy midnight shoppers armed with shopping bags of all shapes and sizes, charging across traffic lights with such zeal and fervour that they seemed to have lost track of all time (and also all the money they have spent unwittingly). Usually, this description would fit me to the hilt. But I'm proud to say that I didn't shop during that weekend. Haha.


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