My Second Time

I climbed for the 2nd time in my life today at Climb Adventure. That's me you see in the pic below..I think I look like a guy, but I look quite zai hahahha. The keyword is "look".

I'm far from zai. :P

By the way, that's the easiest wall to climb. I saw a few kids scaling right up to the top without much difficulty, although the woman beside me gave up halfway. Hm..maybe kids are more agile. The kids looked so focused while climbing, but once you see them jumping up and down on the mats with that mischievous look on their faces, you just have this urge to pinch their cheeks.

I only climbed for slightly over an hour because I had tired out by then (of course la..I woke up so early on a Sunday morning!), and the place was so packed we could hardly find a wall to climb - even Ms Singapore Universe winner, Carol Cheong was there. I think they were conducting a climbing course and she was one of the course participants. Both Jw and I agreed she looks better in person, but still, she's not exactly a striking beauty. I think Jade looks better, but someone begs to differ haha.

Throughout the 1+ hr that we were there, Jw painstakingly taught me some techniques, but I wasn't sure if it was agonizing for him haha because I think I mastered none of them. ;)

By the end of the session, my arms and fingers were aching. I'm not the type who would persevere and push myself to the limits, so yeah, I decided it was time to leave, if not my hands will be trembling violently when I shake my clients' hands tomorrow. Wouldn't want them to think that I've got epilepsy or parkinsons disease for that matter.

Finally, here it is, a photo to mark the end of climbing session 2. I look completely washed out and exhausted next to my well-tanned bf. I reckon he's at least 5 shades darker than me.

That's good. I prefer tanned guys anytime.


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