Good Company (Pun intended)

Yesterday, we had a gathering at Lyndie's house. It was a symbolic get-together, for it marked the start of a new chapter in our lives. These people are some of the best colleagues one can ever wish for. :)

We brought food to share, and some of us, including me, had a great time "nua-ing" and gorging ourselves (cos we ate more than others). We also celebrated the birthdays of 3 Oct maybe 2, cos I think SR's is in Sept is it? haha correct me if I'm wrong.

The statue beside SY is no other than her devoted hubby. He had no qualms about being reduced to an insignificant fixture in the photo, just to let his dear wife bask in the limelight. Wahahaha. He's a super funny guy. I had to sharpen this photo using picasa because I was "umchio-ing" (in English, it means I was trying to contain my laughter) and that led to slightly shaky hands.
The ice-cream cake from Island Creamery, named "Reversal" (don't ask me why). Poor hsing went to buy her birthday cake with herng, so she was not in the least surprised. I was coerced by Lyndie jie jie to eat 2 slices of the cake :(, but it was nevertheless very yummy.
Group shot of all of us. As you can see, the company was female-dominated haha. The males faded into oblivion for some reason..... *evil laughter*
After eating our fill, we settled down to ogle at Takeshi Kaneshiro in "The House of the Flying Daggers". We also had the golden opportunity to watch Herng gasp and exclaim in horror during each and every fighting scene. She really felt deeply for the characters, partly because Lyndie's fantastic surround sound system greatly enhanced the theatricals. :P We were very amused. Haha.

JW & I then took our leave (and the lift also *private joke* Haha) before we headed down to clarke quay for some light bites. Don't ever eat at The Deck..the view was not too bad, but the food was quite bad. Bland and tasteless.

Now, let's take a few moments to enjoy the night view of Clarke Quay.

Pretty right! However, let me warn you that my photos look like glamour shots of Clarke Quay. In reality, it's not as pretty..but to its credit, there are some very delectable cafes and restaurants along the river, although most are not to my liking because of the expatriate crowd. Too touristy for me. Give me geylang anytime (not when I'm alone though :P).

Other updates: I just coloured my hair 2 weeks back and I love the colour! Hopefully the boss doesn't scream..she's currently away. I also like my eye make-up yesterday:
And it's back to work tomorrow...


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