UAE = United Arab Emirates :)

I received quite a number of queries about what UAE stands for, hence the title for this post. :) For the uninitiated, the United Arab Emirates is part of the Middle East. In fact, they are the richest among the middle east countries. The nationals are so wealthy that they probably have no quealms about giving out signed blank cheque books if they truly want to support your investments haha. The one and only 7-star hotel in the world is also found in Dubai.

I just returned from a business trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two of the seven emirates in UAE and I believe I'm still suffering from jet lag (haha actually the time difference is just 4 hours) and fatigue - a result of numerous long meetings throughout the day. For the past week, I had meetings from 8am to as late as 11pm.

It was exhausting, but I really enjoyed the company of my travel companions. :D

Towards the end of my trip, they let me in on something that left me reeling in shock. They told me that they were very amazed that I am actually much tougher than I look. Apparently, I look so weak and delicate that they've always feared that I would break into a thousand pieces with one gentle nudge. Well, it's all thanks to that gentle, "come save me" look that I seem to have perfected so effortlessly. UGH. I'm just glad that I've finally convinced them that appearances can be deceiving. :P Perhaps it's also time for me to adopt manlier mannerisms haha.

That aside, Raf, my dear friend, who's currently stationed in Dubai, also came all the way to my hotel to meet me at 11.30p.m. the night before I left for Abu Dhabi. I was so touched can! haha I'm so sorry I wasn't able to stay for a longer period..but I'll be going back to UAE soon, so we'll meet again!

Will update with photos soon. I have loads of reports to write, and my driving test is on tuesday.

Wish me luck!


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