The Esplanade and I

I love concerts. Musicals, orchestral performances, name it, I like it. It's a pity not many of my friends enjoy attending such performances, at least not until I got to know my new colleague, D. We decided to catch Parabelo and Lecuona by Grupo Corpo, the dance group that won the highest acclaim in Brazil. The dance was made up of 2 segments, Parabelo being the first and Lecuona, the second. I wasn't particularly impressed with Parabelo because it was essentially modern dance set to traditional Brazilian beats, and the dancers were skimpily clad in tiny pieces of cloth that only covered strategic parts of their body. Dance is just never the same without the elaborate costumes. ;P

Thankfully, Lecuona proved to be the saving grace of the entire performance. Out came the dancers dressed in beautiful ballgowns with cascading layers of chiffon and tulle, complete with intricate beadings. I also liked the way they incorporated both ballet and ballroom dancing elements into the dance choreography, coupled with a sprinkle of humour. Every step was immaculately executed with utmost grace and elegance, culminating in an enchanting performance that was absolutely riveting.

Saturday was a day of food. JW & I were on a quest to satisfy our insatiable appetite. After dinner at Pizza Hut, we headed to The V Tea Room at Esplanade for tea and dessert. My favourite tea is rosebud tea. We also shared a Chocolate and Cheese Cake Melt. They don't call it a Cake Melt for nothing. The chocolate dissolves the minute it touches the tip of your tongue, and the sweet consistency sent us into raptures of delight. By the time I remembered that I hadn't taken a pic of the cake melt, I had already devoured all but a tiny morsel of it.

I like the victorian decor of the place, but it would have been perfect if the lighting was dimmer, like some of my other newly proclaimed favourite places for food and chilling out.

Pics for your viewing pleasure (check out the unglam roof):

On a separate note, I'll be heading to UAE soon. Not very excited about it cos it's for work, but at least I'll get to visit Raf. :D


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