Bye for now..

Yes, I've been terribly busy, but I thought it's time I update my blog. Apologies to those who left comments and did not receive any reply from me. Will try to do so before CNY because I'll be bogged down with work till then.

Flying off to the middle east again this week. Before long, I will be a middle east expert haha. The environment wasn't and still isn't particularly female-friendly due to the region's cultural heritage and traditions, but changes are underway. Nonetheless, it's quite refreshing to be in a male-dominated society amidst a globalizing world. I also heard that females are entitled to perks (in an abstract sense) sometimes. :P

That aside, I do love the juxtaposition of sprawling desert masses with grand city sky-scrapers.

On a less serious note, I repermed my hair recently!

Guess which is before and after? Haha..Not much diff la actually..I just enjoy doing all sorts of things to my hair.



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