Ramblings of a Jaded Brain

I know this wish will never be fulfilled, but I wish I was still a teenager.

At this point, I really like:
1) knee-high black socks with pumps
2) gothic/punk fishnets paired with monochrome clothes (actually, I even have fishnet gloves now)
3) dark nails - ok at least I can still wear dark wine-coloured nail polish to work

Let me be young again so I can have more time to be adventurous with what I wear!!!

I absolutely abhor workwear..ugh...and yes not to mention, the whole notion of work.

But where will money come from then?

Perhaps money will drop from the skies one day, but till then, work still has to go on (like from tomorrow onwards).

Byez...I still have work to do (since when do I not?). The brain just needed to relieve itself. As for the rest of you, enjoy what's left of your weekend!


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