Farewell - 17 May

This post is specially dedicated to all my lovely colleagues (now ex-colleagues) whom I'll miss dearly!

These photos were taken near the end of my farewell party..hence I didn't get a chance to take photos with a whole lot of others who took time off to visit me at my cube for the last time, although I can't deny that the food and wine could be a greater pull factor. :P

My bosses - Mrs Tan & TJ (who kindly sponsored most of the food and wine for the party)
Nice colleagues - Anna (can't thank her enough cos she was the first to warn me about a certain bitch) and WL The rest who stayed on till the end - special mention to Russ (Leftmost in the pic) for helping me with all my IT problems, no strings attached :P, and also to Davina and Reana (the two other babes in the photo) for all the fun times that we had!!
*Edited to add: My very sweet Dy CEO gave me a farewell present too. He printed and mounted 3 photos that we took during the UAE trip in Feb. I'm gonna frame them up! :)


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