Club Street

Club street is one of my favourite haunts. It boasts a myriad of eclectic shops such as Stevie General Store and BooksActually. I believe BooksActually needs no introduction. Stevie General Store has a wide array of vintage apparel, accessories and interesting knick-knacks that are a blast from the past. The arty-farty decor and intricate finds from these quaint little stores are just part of the charm of Club Street.

Besides the above-mentioned stores, there is a unique selection of eateries, cafes and restaurants as well, but somehow, I always end up at Jerry's for its tasty buffalo wings!

What I wore one fine day in Jan 2010 at Club Street:

Yes, I'm back from Japan! :) I'm still trying to catch up with my work, family, friends and sleep of course haha. Be back soon!


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