Japanese Food

Singapore may be known as a food paradise, but the quality of the Japanese food here still pales in comparison to that in Japan. Nonetheless, I love Japanese food and would love to have it practically everyday.

Recently, we decided to try the latest craze in town, Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery after hearing all the raves. The Ippudo ramen chain hails from Fukuoka. Besides Singapore, it also has an outlet in New York. ;)

The queue was long but the waiting time was only about 15 minutes because we were there at about 3pm on a Sunday.

Green tea here is served in pots

I had the Shiramaru classic ramen. The soup base was rich and flavourful. In my opinion, it is pretty decent by Singapore standards. While the meat serving was rather miserable (only 3 slices of pork loin at most?!), it was very lean and tasty. I liked the ni-tamago too.

JW had the seasonal ramen. He gobbled everything up before I could even taste it, so I assume it must have tasted great. Either that, or he was just greedy.

Anyhow, a quick check with him later confirmed that it was indeed finger-licking good.

I had just returned from Japan where I got hooked on to cherry blossom ice-cream. I knew I had to order it when I saw it on the menu at Ippudo!

Tastewise, it didn't match up to the ones I had in Tokyo, but I liked it all the same.

All in all, we were pretty satisfied with the dining experience at Ippudo. I wasn't completely bowled over by the ramen, but I must say it is one of the better ones around.

Later on in the day, when I got a little hungry again, we popped by Liang Court for crepes at Mazazu crepes. I had the strawberry cheese cake crepe. My verdict? Absolutely yummilious! The whipped cream was light and fluffy. Definitely a perfect complement to the cheesecake and sweetened strawberries.

Outfit for the day:
DKNY Silk Bubble Hem Dress - my current wardrobe favourite because it is so cute and can be converted into a skirt!


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