Siao Char Bors

Our project is driving us crazy. We've not only mastered the art of speaking Indian-accented English (in a bid to keep ourselves entertained), we have transformed into nutcases at the office. Just look at what we did with the new polka dot hairband that I bought:

The funniest part is, herng's siao pose is an accurate reflection of her true self, whereas her demure pose is totally not her. I burst out laughing when I was taking her demure pose because she's so not demure la!!hahaha.

Unlike me, herng couldn't stop laughing at my siao pose. I look like I'm singing "Ahhhh...." in that pose, so herng did a live voice-over for me, which turned out to be so hilarious that our chuckles broke into loud guffaws. :P

I'm usually a very sane, calm and collected person, so it came as a shock to her that I am, in fact, very insane.

Welcome to my world, my friend. hahaha.


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