The crazy people in my life

I think about the lovely people in my life. My family, my friends and of course, the people I meet on weekdays, from 9am to 6pm. The peals of laughter, the beads of sweat (sounds gross, but that's a testament to our hard work:P), our eye luggages (no longer small enough to be considered eye bags), and not forgetting the ceaseless flow of food and drinks that we consume all day long.

Here's a tribute to my dear photogenic kuku friend in bright neon orange on her last day of work last week:

Don't ever forget us ok!!! It's gonna be difficult to find another bunch of colleagues who're of the same wavelength as you, simply because not everybody is kuku..if you know what I mean *smiles sweetly*.

Another crazy person in my life(not like I have a choice) is.. Me. Although I look horrid in photos, my eyes never fail to light up in front of the camera. Narcissistic? Maybe, but I couldn't care less.
If you are starting to feel nauseous, please feel free to click on the 'X' box at the top right hand corner of your screen.

I'm not one who cares about what others think about me, so if you don't enjoy reading my blog, please just save your comments for yourself and get the hell outa here. :) I'm not here to please you because my ultimate aim for blogging is basically just to let my thoughts flow (regardless of coherence and relevance) and to commemorate some of the memorable events in my life, or my friends' lives for that matter. I don't write about serious issues most of the time because life, as it is, is already serious enough; well, but don't be surprised when I do.

I have more than enough friends who know me as the person that I truly am, and love me for that. In any case, what goes around does come around, so don't say I didn't warn you. Do more good deeds, I beseech you.

Moving on...

One of my friends just got married over the weekend and her wedding dinner takes place tomorrow. I was part of her entourage for the traditional tea ceremony yesterday(30th June), and all I can say is: I never knew weddings can be so tiring. :P.

Photos will come when I get them.


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