Tribute to my loved ones (All Men by the way..)


Although I can never comprehend why anyone would choose death over life, I believe these people were not in the right state of mind when Death beckoned, promising to lift the cloud of gloom hovering above their heads with nary a finger lifted.

Despondence miraculously transforms into euphoria. Dejection mutates into a beacon of hope.

They saw a mirage, and were seduced into thoughtlessness.

Last week spelt trouble, not for me per se, but for a few people in my life, one of whom has chosen to depart from the face of this earth to enter into another realm, hopefully one that is free from disease and devoid of worries, unhappiness and sorrow. He was a happy-go-lucky chap, a mentor, a soul who was so kind he would never hurt a fly.
May he rest in peace eternally and may God bless him and his family.


On a separate and also more cheerful note, I'm relieved that the boy is fine in spite of all the troubles that came his way last week. I'm glad he escaped relatively unscathed.

I think I'm an abusive gf sometimes. I also whine all the time because I enjoy it. No..actually, I think it's attributed to my mum's genes.:P I'm not sure if I pay enough attention to my bf's emotions, whether I'm seen as a selfish brat (although he claims I'm not one). Well at least we only meet like once a week now that he's so committed to his job, and I've always been paying for most, if not all my shopping buys; otherwise, my extravagant lifestyle would surely bankrupt him.:P

Contrary to popular belief, no, our relationship is not built on money, thankyouverymuch.

I find it extremely disturbing that some people seem to think this way because I do earn a comfortable salary (by my standards) to upkeep my current lifestyle, although I would love to save more and am currently trying to tighten my purse strings to attain that goal. Moreover, I have always been a firm believer that money does not keep a relationship going strong, unless the guy is an 80 year old tycoon cum sugar daddy, taken ill, and probably just about to kick the bucket. Trust is fundamental in a relationship, and trust is built on shared values, compromise and tolerance. Relationships are multi-faceted, and a third party will ever fully understand the dynamics in a relationship between two parties, even if he or she is neatly wedged between the two.

No, don't get me wrong, there is no third party. I was just trying to illustrate a point.

Whatever it is, I hope he knows I'm always there for him, regardless of his financial status (now and in future). ;)

People say 99% of guys are jerks and 1% are gays. I think they rounded up the figure for the jerks category. It should be 98.9% guys are jerks, 0.1% are gems and 1% are gays.

My bf falls into the rare 0.1%.


The brother is a joker, the source of jokes and all things ku ku. He never fails to cheer me up, and he cracks me up like no other guy because he has an impeccable ability to impersonate all our family members.

Jokes aside, his wealth of general knowledge and analytical skills will stump even the brightest homo sapiens in the human population. He is my walking encyclopedia and confidante. He even helps to prepare dinner for me when I'm too tired to move my ass after work.

Last sunday, we went to Furama Riverfront to celebrate the encyclopedia's 21st birthday. :)

I look underaged in this photo haha, but I LIKEEE. Check out my bro's ku ku face and helmet-like hair. I couldn't stand his unkempt hair any longer so I brought him to gorgeous for a cut.

The hotel was nothing spectacular, as you can see. But my dad couldn't stop raving about the fried hokkien mee he ordered. Admittedly, it was one of the best I have tested so far.

My family portrait! hehe it's been ages since we last took a photo together. I love my bro's t-shirt. It shows 3 silhouettes, the 1st one is very thin, the 2nd one is slightly fatter and the last one is obese. And below these 3 silhouettes are the words, "Tim was always hungry". Hahaha. I like humour tees from topman.

Happy birthday ahboy!! We lub you deep deep.

He's the best brother one could ever have. :)


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