Another year older and hopefully, wiser

I initially wanted to have a picnic at Peirce Reservoir, but that was totally out of the question since it was pouring throughout the entire day!! Instead, I spent the day with JW scouting for pretty curtains, furniture and clothes before our dinner at Lawry's.

I actually enjoy shopping for household items . It was such great fun looking at the myriad of colours and materials at the curtain shop, thinking through which one would complement the interior decor. I swear it was just like shopping for clothes!

Is this a sign that I have taken a step towards Auntie-hood? Gosh, that is unimaginable.

I ordered the Rib-eye Steak at Lawry's, which was undoubtedly succulent and juicy, but I told JW over lunch at Ivins that frankly, I would be able to appreciate the simple fare at Ivins much more than Lawry's. Food doesn't always have to be expensive. I would gladly go to hawker centres just to indulge in good food. :)

Increasingly, I tend to prefer Asian food to Western food..somehow the seasoning just makes Asian food taste so much better.

Perhaps it's also a sign of age? As people get older, they want to go back to their roots. Yet another sign that I have "progressed" towards Auntie-hood. Reminds me of how my parents constantly remind me about their dream to retire in China *shudders*.

All made up and ready to leave the house. No foundation/powder rule still applies. If there was one thing I cannot do without, it has gotta be eyeliner.

For some reason, my face seems to be getting chubbier these days. One more reason for JW to rejoice since he enjoys pinching me at all times of the day.

It was such a cold day that I eventually got myself a knit pullover at Zara just to keep warm. I actually used the weather as a pretext to shop.
Gee, I never fail to amaze, don't I?

Well, in case you're wondering, the photo certainly does no justice to the pullover. It's very cute, complete with a ribbon tie in front. I got the last piece in Size S. :)

My little birthday cake from the staff at Lawry's.

It reminded me of the time when we went to Morton's to
celebrate JW's birthday. The staff would troop over to your table and serenade you with a birthday song sang with so much zest that you can't help but giggle. Hahaha.

Sorry, I didn't giggle. I burst out laughing actually. Oops, so much for trying to act demure.

The attire for the day. I invited lots of stares for some reason. Probably the stockings you think? :P

The lovely boy got me a surprise gift as well. We were supposed to exchange birthday presents in Europe during our honeymoon, so I was pleasantly surprised when he whipped out a present from the backseat of the car and presented me with a pair of shoes from Sanuk. Only climbers and surfers would be familiar with this brand. It's supposedly very comfy, but he got it in the wrong size so we'll have to make our way to Climb Asia one of these days. Frankly, it's not something that I would usually buy, but I must say it's an interesting and refreshing change haha. He is so adorable that I always end up laughing at him..oops, I actually meant with him :P.

Ok seriously speaking, I have outgrown the age where material gifts mean a great deal to me. It's simple gestures like these and the fact that my bf, parents and friends make the effort to buy gifts to surprise me that really touches me. The mere fact that you take time off to keep me company says a million. Deep inside my heart, I know that you are the people whom I can count on for anything, and that alone is immeasurable and priceless. :)

Thank you for loving me.


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