EC's wedding

JW and I attended our JC classmate's wedding yesterday night at the Rasa Sentosa Resort. Unfortunately, her wedding date clashed with the annual Zoukout event, which culminated in massive traffic and human jams. As a result, we were about an hour and a half late for the wedding and missed the first march-in!! :(

Sigh, we should have set off earlier, but the procrastinator (i.e. me) took ages to get out of bed to dress up. We were in time for the first dish though.

EC looked resplendent in her Kelvin Seah gown. Her gown had a mermaid cut, and was immaculately embellished with lace and organza. Didn't manage to capture the full gown, but friends of EC can probably catch a glimpse of it on facebook.

Ex-RJ folks. Haven't seen these people in ages. It has almost been a decade since we last met, but I think everyone still looks as youthful as before. :)

On a separate note, I have just gotten my bonus! YAY. The increment should also be within reach soon I assume. How timely, especially with all the extra expenses that renovation works and wedding preparations entail.

Of late, I have been lusting after this pair of heels from Dries Van Noten. I have been looking at it from time to time, but I don't think I'll buy it because it is just a fad. I generally prefer classic designs. :).

This babe wears it really well - see I love her unconventional yet stylish WIW looks.


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