Hi people. How's it going?


I'm sitting here in my little cubicle at work, waiting for the floodgates to burst open in my schedule later next month as I start running check-ins and check-outs for the various camps that our organization will be hosting. Until then, though, a busy day equates to thumb-twiddling and spontaneously speaking in Russian accents (if my coworkers and I are lucky, we might even battle over who gets to write the two-sentence email that our boss asked one of us to write).

But, seriously. It's fun. You did see my little blurb about Russian accents, right? I wasn't kidding, I promise you.

So, with all this time on my hands, I thought that something more than endless online window shopping and skipping around my Spotify playlists might be called for. Something like, say, finally drafting a blog post on that idea I've had floating around in my head for weeks...

I swear, I do this all the time:

*blog post idea meanders into head*
"Hey, that's neat! I should write a blog post about that!"
*idea settles in for a 2-hour stay*
"Ummm, yeah...let me get back to you on that."
 6 weeks later...

I'm working on it, guys. No promises.

Now, when I jump started this blog, I didn't really envision it becoming a deep theological archive of churchy-what-have-you's, and to be quite honest, I'm working to round out the concept that was originally in my head a little bit more. I'd like to incorporate some fashion tips, beauty know-how, music, movies, books...all that cultural jazz...but it seems all I ever end up writing about are the lessons God is teaching me from His Word. There's nothing wrong with that situation, I'm inclined to think; in fact, there could be everything right with it. I'm not entirely sure. I do know that writing - anything - has always tapped into the deep well somewhere down inside of me, and suddenly I start uncovering thoughts and feelings and ideas that I didn't know were hidden down there. Sometimes they're beautiful, and sometimes they're hideous and yet still beautiful in a strange way, and sometimes...

I just don't know. What say I just keep writing, let God have His way with my fingers and computer and heart and mind, and we see what happens?

Okay then. Here we go.

*Stay tuned for my next blog post - which, I promise, will be much more substantial than this cursory fly-by.


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