Celebrations before the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I apologise for not updating as regularly as I used to as I've been busy with numerous gatherings, otherwise known by my friends as my very long awaited house warming sessions in late December.

In early December, I also had a relatively quiet birthday celebration as I was really tied down with work. JW took me to Shashlik for dinner, a place that holds fond memories of the times when we were dating in our teenage years. Yes, we've been together that long!

Gorgeous flowers to mark the day that I was born - my favourite flowers are pale pink eustomas!

I asked for a hairdryer this year, but to my surprise, I received much more than what I had originally expected. Thank goodness it was supposed to be my Christmas prezzie too!
Fast forward to Christmas eve, we attended a party at Sushi's place, where we got to know some new friends and also learnt to play a new board game, Gift Trap.

Outfit for the night comprised a drape assymetrical top with fringed back from topshop, sequinned skirt from bershka and cage heels from mphosis. Though I changed into flats for greater comfort later on, these are currently my favourite heels. Unfortunately, I have yet to wear them since, thanks to a toe injury that I sustained on Christmas day. :(

Then on Boxing Day, it was time for our first housewarming session. We had about 20 people over at our house and it was truly a crowd! The TV was switched on but hardly anyone could hear what was going on and we were all shouting despite being seated so closely to one another. It was great fun though!

We also bought our first Christmas tree this year. JW spent 2 days decorating it to ensure that it was in time for our boxing day gathering. He did a splendid job, didn't he? :)


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