Tired & Bimbotic Post

Everyone tells me my blog is growing cobwebs, but I just can't recall what I've been doing these days. My life revolves around work now, more so than ever, and I can't wait to break out of this monotonous cycle :P.

I also never realized that there were so many babies in Singapore, until I visited two babies at different households yesterday. Kudos to these people who have responded to the government's plea..Ha.

Of late, JW and I always seem to invite comments such as "When is your turn?" "When are you getting married?" at family gatherings. It gets rather infuriating when you get such questions all the time. Yes I know we're definitely of marriageable age, but is it any of your concern when exactly we wish to settle down? I think the only way to shut these people up is to ask them to pay for your wedding ceremony. Haha, I think it's pretty evident that I'm not in the best of moods recently.

But fret not, I'm an optimistic person by nature, and shopping/squandering money is a sure way to get my spirits up again, albeit only for a few hours or days. :P

I just coloured my hair dark brown with reddish brown highlights and I love it! No pics yet though. Just an old pic to remind myself of what my old colour looks like. I love eyeliner too, as you can see. It's the one makeup item I can't do without. :P

I've been missing my straight hair lately, but I wonder if I'll ever get down to straightening it again.

Straight is just so boring.

Before I bore you guys further with my incessant ramblings, I'm gonna bid all of you goodbye!! :D

Oh I finally got my Arab-looking photos from my boss, but have yet to upload them. Will post them soon..hopefully.. :)


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