Carefree days

I enjoy my carefree and idyllic life now.
Watching Youtube and Crunchyroll, catching up on drama serials and movies which I never had time to watch previously.
Sleeping at the break of dawn and waking up late in the afternoon.
Meeting up with friends whom I haven't met in the longest time.
No deadlines, no reports, no boss. I'm free from worries.

I know I mentioned that I wanted to teach piano or do some freelance work.
But nah, I doubt I can sustain my desired lifestyle if I were to do that.

I don't spend on branded goods, but I can't do without skincare products, make-up, hair and facial salons. :P

Regardless, I have since learnt to control my expenditure on clothes and shoes, and am extremely proud of my achievements haha.

I feel useless when I'm not contributing back to society (AND THE ECONOMY!!) , and as a firm believer of pragmatism, I can't compromise on my principles, as much as I wish I could just idle my life away and proclaim myself Singapore Idle.

I will work. Yes, this complex monster who contradicts herself all the time will step back into the workforce.

I hope I'll like my new job.

Whatever it is, I have all my friends to thank. I don't know what I've done to deserve you guys. :)


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