When I was Away in 2005

I miss Beijing. The last time I went there was in 2005 for a 3-month course. Although it has been almost 2 years, it sure doesn't feel it was that long ago.

The service apartment that I shared with Ash..haha..don't ask me why she's on the floor. We're very messy people, not to mention greedy too. Check out all the food on the living room table.

The classroom..I hated the classes cos my Chinese sucks. How to compete with people who majored in Chinese in Uni????!!!! I was the youngest in class too..:P

Can't remember where this was..hahaha..some park I think. :P I love the autumn leaves.
Ming Tombs...

From what I remember, it was kinda boring..so we decided to camwhore instead.

With Ash & Karen..some of the peeps whom I was closest to.
Great Wall of China
I love autumn !!

Siao Lang in China.

The most famous hat shop in Beijing. Check out the walking christmas tree (i.e. ME)
Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple!
I guess the Chinese words on the KFC signage in the above photo were a dead give-away that I was in fact still in China. Ha.

Summer Palace.

IMH inmates. :P
At the wax museum..haha I forgot who the old guy behind me is. Probably Lao Zi (psst. ..actually his name is quite apt ah..).
Liu3 Shu4!! Food Street...I think I ate so much in China that I put on at least 5 kg or something..
We went for regular manicure/pedicure sessions at this posh nail salon located near jiu ba jie.

Waiting for our nails to dry....

Karen's nail colour was so blindingly bright she had to put on shades to protect her eyes.
Ash felt like sleeping after the massage.

Chubby cheeks was extremely satisfied with their service.

Sleeping beauties at graduation ceremony. We took a series of silly photos haha..
Anyway, that was 2 years ago..I wanna go back there some day!

I'll be heading for Hong Kong in early Sept for a short break. :) Not with the boy though..cos he's going to France this Saturday for a rockclimbing trip..hmph. I would've gone if I had more moolah and if my complexion was better (out of point I know, but my skin is like crap now and I just want to complain about it.)

Signing off...


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