I'm a brat

I realised that every time I make a declaration on how I've been tightening my purse strings, the strings tend to come loose.

Look at what I've bought. Quite cheap though..it only cost me $29.80 excluding shipping.

But, I'm not supposed to buy anything!!!!

Just kill me will you.

I just remembered some words/phrases that my ex-boss mispronounced or mixed up. It's hilarious, and I just felt the need to document this before my memory fades.

And...*drumroll*...here they are!!

1) Specticulation (erm he meant speculation. Meanie me was laughing at how specTiculation sounds like spectacles when my spectacles broke..sigh bad karma)

2) Subsitantial (substantial)

3) Thumb of the rule (rule of the thumb)

4) Preceptive (sounds like it's short for contraceptive..but he really meant to say perceptive)

I'm so proud of myself because I always managed to keep a straight face whenever he said these words (ON A DAILY BASIS MIND YOU).

Ok..suffice to say, I'm really a brat. :P


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