You know you love someone even after 7 years when:

1) You miss him everyday, and wish you could spend every waking moment with him.

2) You still look forward to seeing him everyday, even if it is just for a brief moment.

3) You let him occupy most of your (super single sized!! sob) bed although you're almost about to fall off the edge (Sorry la..not easy to downsize from Queen to Super Single leh).

4) You cover the blanket for him when he is in deep slumber, for fear that he will feel cold. When he kicks the blanket away, you lower the air-con temperature, for fear that he feels hot.

5) You give him a peck on his cheek when he's sound asleep. AND still feel remarkably amused when he subconsciously thinks the peck is an insect that had landed on his cheek and, he, yes he, with eyes closed and a frown on his face, proceeds to brush it away vehemently while he continues to venture into the inner realms of Slumberland.

6) You satisfy his cheek (only facial please) fetish. Even though you are terrified of pimples, you allow him to pinch your cheeks,and sometimes, you go the extra mile by placing your cheeks on his shoulder voluntarily, much to his delight.

7) You support him in his relentless pursuit of a sport (which has since become an obsession or and addiction) because you know it makes him happy.

8) You buy him his M&Ms and other chocolate varieties, especially the dark ones because you like to see him gobble everything up ravenously with a child-like innocence.

9) You laugh at his mushiness, but in reality, you are touched by his sincerity and outward expression of love for you (or maybe it's just his love for your chubby cheeks..but you couldn't care less cos your cheeks are still a part of you).

10) In short, you feel happy only when he feels happy.


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