Silly girl

My bf says I am a silly girl.

True enough, I proved him right today.

As we walked hand-in-hand back to the carpark after dinner today, I thought I saw his car and proceeded to break away from him.

When I reached the car, I looked up expectantly, thinking that my bf would unlock the car door. But to my horror, my bf wasn't there.

I looked around frantically, thinking that my bf had vanished into thin air. Then, I caught sight of him walking straight on. Yaaa ,without me!!

Puzzled, I took a second look at the car. It was then that realization hit me. What stood before me was an MPV, not a saloon. I was at the wrong car! Hahaha.. so paiseh. Luckily, nobody saw what happened, or I would have died from embarrassment.

Eh but my bf was at fault too, for he didn't even look back to check if I was following him after I broke away. Hmph. Bad bf!! :P


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