And Fall is Here

I've been travelling for a month now and dressing up everyday, especially when I'm transitioning between summer and autumn, can be a real challenge. I could be in shorts one day and all wrapped up the next day because of the crazy weather.

Temperatures can vary very drastically from city to city too.
There was one point in Slovakia when I even had to pull out my winter trench because it was freezing cold! Brrr...and the funniest thing was, when I reached Hungary the next day, it was summer all over again!

Here's one of my get-ups for the fall season:

Black turtle neck blouse from Uniqlo

Denim skinny jeans from Mango

Cowl scarf from H&M

Tote bag from Prada

Nude patent wedged boots from Far East Plaza

I had just arrived in Cesky Krumlov from Prague where it rained in the morning (read: massive temperature drop alert!!). It was hot and sunny when I took these photos and I was getting all these curious stares from passersby who probably thought I was from outer space. LOL

Needless to say, I changed out of my outfit the minute I reached my hotel room! :P

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