[Circle lens review] Geo 3 tone brown!

Hey guys! 
I'm back with another review, this time on a circle lens pair!

I purchased the "Geo 3 tone brown" from circlelens.com a few months ago for $17.50. I mentioned these in a post a couple of days ago - this series is my absolute favourite! The colours in this line are super pretty, and even though I'm a brown lens kind of girl, I'd even try this in violet!

Description and information

Brand: Geo Medical
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Life: 12 months 
Colour: 3 toned
Water content: 38%
Made in Korea 

"World Series is the tri color lens that blends shades of different color and the brown in the middle in order to imitate the natural eye color. The printing also blends in the natural eye color, resulting in not too vibrant, but definitely noticeable, even from afar. World Brown is recommended for people who want to change the color of their eyes, but do not want any enlargement effect."
- Circlelens.com

This line goes by several different names: 

- Berry Cessy
- World series
- Geo 3 tones 
- The "official name" for these lenses are CM90_. (There's a different number at the end for each colour.)

My favourite colour has got to be brown (for now), it looks really nice in the shop photos! They're 3 toned, so it'll blend quite nicely with your real eye colour. I personally think these are the prettiest lenses I've seen so far, but I'm just an overall fan of 3 tones aha. 

Anyways, I was really nervous when I saw them in person though - the colour doesn't look brown, but it looks orange-y. Definitely not what I had imagined, so I was pretty much sure that I'd have to toss these. 


I'll have to say that I worried over nothing, though! When worn, I don't really mind the colour at all - in fact, I actually like it a lot! 

Up close, they look a little unnatural because of the pixels - but really, what lens doesn't? No idea how to describe it up close, but I remember someone mentioning that they look like reptile eyes. That's basically the closest description I can think of right now, haha~ 
(By the way, sorry that the eyelashes look a little wonky!)

As for enlargement - these aren't meant to be big on the enlargement factor, which I really like. Please note the some of the "comparison" pictures are a little unrealistic and not true! This is because I've got a "head tilt" from hell, and this makes 1 eye at a different level than the other (and look a different size). My head ALWAYS tilts when I take photos. It's like instinctive. 

Comparison at different lightings.

When worn on both eyes, it makes my eyes really pop! Yeah, it's quite different from my natural eye colour - but I don't think it's a crazy, unnatural pop. Meaning: It's noticeable, but not in a creepy way (at least I think so.)

Window, flash, outdoors (sunny)

And now for the actual photos!

Taken outside
This picture is a sneak peek of an upcoming review! (AKA: Uhm, I'll have to "recycle" this picture for later.)
 And sorry for the visible straps! Darn. ;n;


Well, I really like these lenses - did I mention that they're my very first pair? They are! I'm happy to say that my first experience with circle lenses had been a good one, hehe~
Note: I don't give half marks on circle lens ratings!

Color: ♥ / 5 
Enlargement: /5  
Comfort: /5 (they feel a bit dry after 5+ hours, but it's expected and they're not too bothersome.)
Overall rating: /5

I do have other pairs of lenses right now, but these remain my favourite! I just love the colour and like the fact that it doesn't look too crazy on me. They're not really enlarging at all, which I like as well - I'm not a big fan of big, huge dolly eyes on me. They look great on others, but for my face... I don't quite think so. xD

The comfort level is pretty good! I never expect circle lenses to be as crazy comfortable as my Acuvue ones, so it's not a disappoint to me when circle lenses feel dry after a good couple of hours. For the first 5 hours of wear, I can't even feel these lenses and they feel literally just like my Acuvues.

- Natural colours, blend in with your own eye
- No enlargement
- Only a subtle change
- Works quite well on dark eyes
- Pretty comfortable 
- No complaints from me!

I guess I'll wrap it up here - thanks for reading my first circle lens review, hehe. ^-^ 

What about you?
Have you tried these lenses before? What do you think of them? (+ Any suggestions for me in later lens reviews?)

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by circlelens.com - these lenses were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own.


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