[Review] Tonymoly petite bunny gloss bars!

The Tonymoly petite bunny gloss bars have been on my shopping list for a long time, but I couldn't choose which one to buy! In the end, I saved up some cash and purchased all nine colours. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of these, but eh - they're nice to look at, right?

Description and packaging

There are 9 Tonymoly bunny bars in total - each has a different, pretty colour and scent! Each of the bars also has its own bunny cap, which have varying facial expressions. How cute is that?!

They're described as being an "intermediate form between lipstick and lipgloss". When the adorable caps are off, they look like regular lipstigloss (?) bars. There are 2g of product in a bar. The downside of the packaging is that they come with a little barcode sticker on them. Once you take this sticker off, you lose the number of the shade. (I find this incredibly annoying, I like having my numbers on the actual product! Do I sound crazy yet?~)

You can buy these for $6 on ebay! 

(From left to right)

#1 - Juicy strawberry
#2 - Juicy grape
#3 - Juicy apple
#4 - Juicy cherry
#5 - Juicy peach
#6 - Juicy orange
#7 - Neon orange
#8 - Neon yellow (doesn't go on lips yellow, it changes colour once applied)
#9 - Neon red

The bottom of the gloss bar has a date imprinted onto it - this is the manufacture date.

click to read more, and see swatches!~


"Complete your lips as a very soft baby lips by protecting moisture loss with berry complex and vitamin E, and maintaining roughened lips! Apply to lips gently after turning the stick to pull out the short length of contents (3mm-5mm)"

Note: Do not twist the product out too much - it won't twist down so easily, and it'll be stuck.


Here's some swatch pictures I took of the bunny bars. They look pretty different when swatched on the arm (I had to swipe 4-5 times for the colour to show).

On the lips is a different story - a lot of the colours look exactly the same, and I don't really see a difference between them (well, the light colours with light, darker with darker). If you really want to buy more than 1 bunny bar, I'd suggest getting 1 light colour and 1 dark!

My opinion

To be honest, I only bought these for the packaging. I didn't expect it to be "HG" or anything like that. So it wasn't a major disappointment to me when I found out that these were very, very sheer and nothing "omg!" worthy.

But it's not to say that they're horrible, or anything like that. They do leave a nice, slightly glossy look on the lips. However, some of the colours might settle into lip lines, which won't look that great - I suggest applying lip balm under it.

As for pigmentation - it's very sheer, but the colours are buildable. You won't see much of a difference on your lips, unless you swipe 4-5 times. (My favourite colours are #3, 5, 8 and 9)

- Lots of different colours (packaging wise...?)
- Slightly scented, but not overpowering
- Leaves a slight glossy look
- Natural finish
- Inexpensive

- They look too similar when applied on lips
- Has a gross, waxy taste (Yes, it's a lip balm, I know. But I hate that taste~)

I personally wouldn't repurchase these. I think Tonymoly and other Korean makeup brands offer a lot more lipsticks that are better in pigmentation and overall quality. (Ex. Etude house dear my blooming lips talk)

The packaging itself is worth a try for first time buyers, though - it's so cute to apply, and all my friends want one for the cute bunny faces! ^__^ It's also not too expensive, so yeah - worth a try, if you're looking for an everyday tinted lip balm.

(By the way, I think bunny #4 is my neutral face... hahaha...)

The bunnies - not in order!

What about you?
 Have you tried these lip balms? What'd you think?


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