Things I would tell my younger self

When I was in 6th grade, I had just gotten side bangs. 
Having the "center part" for my entire life, this was a huge, awesome change. But to my dismay, these bangs kept curling inward to my face, and spazzed all... squiggly everywhere. I thought my hair was so ugly, and I was jealous of my friends, who had all owned their own straighteners.

So one morning, after my mum had ironed her shirt for the day, I crept into the room and found that the iron was still very much warm.

I put my head on the ironing board.
And I ironed my bangs.

Needless to say - but I completely damaged my hair! It got so... burnt and crazy, I can't even describe how bad it looked. I guess it was my fault for being completely and utterly whack! @__@

I just happened to remember this incident last night, so I decided to dedicate today's post to the topic "things I would tell the young June" - beauty, fashion and life related tips I'd give the younger me. 


This is gonna be embarassing. 

1. Don't iron your hair.

2. Just because The Cute Boy told you your hair smelt good, doesn't mean you should dump the entire shampoo bottle on your head the next day. 

3. Be careful with that wax strip!!! DO NOT DROP IT (Wax side down) ON YOUR WOODEN FLOOR, DAMMIT. 

4. Please don't buy 234823948239 "J-14" (and the like) magazines just for the posters. 

5. Do not over-wax your upper lip. You will have an angry, bright red moustache for the next 5 days. It will be embarrassing. 

6. Don't cry over backstabbing friends. 

7. Please - don't wear that thick, heavy Lululemon sweater in the middle of July, just to "show off" to The Cute Boy.
He doesn't care.
You will melt. 

8. Just because The Cute Boy's favourite colour is red, doesn't mean you should go to the mall every single weekend to buy new red clothes. 

9. Don't try to tan in the middle of the recess playground (ahem, on the cement). Trust me - it won't be the same as a "vacation" tan. 

10. Don't cry over not winning the High school student council election. It was your fault you treated it like a popularity contest, and did a 10 second speech. (Next to the girl who did an actual, real one) 

11. Be nicer to people. The friends you had in Gr. 12 could have been the friends you had your entire HS life. 

12. It's okay for people to be in your life for a short time. People come and go, enjoy them while you have them - and don't wallow in the past.


14. Water really does help with acne. Drink that stuff.

15. Please don't make friends with that girl. She'll tell the coach you have a crush on him, and proceed to ruin your extracurricular life. 

16. Don't buy that "Skin79 hot pink BB cream" for $30 at Pmall. DON'T!

17. Don't try to dry shave your legs 30 seconds before you have to leave the house. Results will hurt. 

18. Buy a bra, man! You're in xxx grade! @__@ (It was way too embarrassing to say, lol.)

19. Uh, what are you doing with that needle? 
Why are you burning it with that candle flame?
WAIT, are you going to poke your pimple with a red hot needle?! 

20. Use chapstick, blistex, whatever. Chapped lips are not attractive.

21. Wearing clothes with huge "A&F" letters on them doesn't automatically make you cool. Stop. -__-

Those are the 21 things I would tell my younger self! Phew! Some of these are embarrassingly recent (can you guess which?), too!

What would you tell your younger self? 
[Beauty, fashion, life tips to the younger you!]


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