[Review] Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish

Tell me, how freakishly adorable are these nail polish colours? [Picture heavy post]

 I'm not one to wear nail polish often, and my friends know - I have a slight obsessive (and weird) tendency to peel off my nail polish after a couple of hours. But some of the Etude House ice cream nail polish colours are so darn adorable, I've kept them on for as long as I could! I'll be reviewing the set today, a hearty thanks to w2beauty.

W2beauty is an online store run by Alice - the store sells a huge variety of brands and products. Some brands include: Etude House, Tonymoly, Holika Holika, Iope, Laneige, Mizon, even Sulwhasoo! It's like a wonderland of Korean cosmetics - with free shipping~ *___*

Now on to the review! Huzzah!

Click "read more" to see more pics + swatches! 

The packaging is way too cute to resist - the brush even has the texture of an actual ice cream cone! This is adorable, but the triangular shape isn't too practical to use. It's kind of awkward to hold in your hands. As for the brush, it's quite wide! It covers a lot of nail in 1 stroke, which I personally like.

I'm quite sure that the coloured "ice cream" part of the packaging is made of glass. It's a perfect circle, so cute. I like circles. ^o^

Each Etude House ice cream nail polish has 10ml of product!

These polishes are currently on sale at w2beauty! Just $3.80 each - free samples are included with every order! (Click here to see)

There are currently 8 colours in this particular Ice Cream line (Etude house also has several ice cream nail polishes that are sparkly!) These colours do not have any shimmer nor sparkles in them. The colours are quite bright and really pretty.
I've listed them below, and have attempted to describe them to the best of my ability (seriously):

PK001, OR201, OR204, BR401

PK001 - Strawberry (Far left)
It's a pretty "bubblegum pink" colour!

OR201 - Grapefruit 
A creamy, orangey-pink colour.

OR202 - Peach
It's a lovely, pastel, pink-peach colour!

BR401 - Choco (Far right)
This colour reminds me of bronzer and beaches. It's a soft light brown colour.

BE101, GR401, BL601, PP501

BE101 - Banana 
A pastel (but still bright) shade of yellow.

GR401 - Green Apple 
It's a soft lime-green colour.

BL601 - Blue Mint 
This one reminds me of Essie's recent "In the Cab-ana", though they're not quite exactly the same. One of my favourite colours!

PP501 - Blueberry 
A pastel lavender colour with a hint of blue tone.

I've swatched the nail polish colours on the wheels below! Nail swatches for these polishes will be shown in upcoming NOTDs, and will be linked from this page.

PK001 - Strawberry 
OR201- Grapefruit
OR202 - Peach 
BR401 - Chocolate
BE101 - Banana
GR401 - Green Apple
BL601 - Blue mint
PP501 - Blueberry 

My Experience 

I adore the packaging, that's what first drew me to these polishes! Whoever designed this must be the Einstein of marketing, because this is brilliant. There are drawbacks to having such packaging, though - the brush and overall ease of use is affected. As mentioned above, it's quite awkward to hold in the hands and may take a few uses to get used to the unusual brush handle. The brush is wide, so it covers a lot of "nail space" in one swipe.

As for the polish itself, I got a full application in 2 coats. The first coat would be a bit goopy, streaky looking and uneven, but the 2nd definitely smoothed things out. It also dries quite fast.
The polish latest 4+ days without chipping, which is pretty fair in my books!

I did like the colours! They're all very pretty, and creamy looking. Even though I do like a bit of shimmer in my polishes, I do like these even if they don't have any (I could always add a shimmery topcoat or something). I hope Etude House comes out with more creamy looking nail polish colours like these, I would actually really look into buying some different colours.

Easiest to apply: Grapefruit (OR201), Blue Mint (BL601), Blueberry (PP501)

Hardest to apply: Banana (BE101)

There is definitely a difference in quality between the Etude House nail polishes and other brands (such as OPI), but it still isn't bad enough to really comment on. It's fair, and I can live with it! The only thing I don't like about this polish is its unusually strong, chemical smell.

If you're a hardcore manicurist looking for a high quality nail polish, I don't think this is it. However - if you're like me and just paint your nails for fun, for a bit of everyday colour, this is great! It's cheaper than Drugstore nail polishes (at least in Toronto), and hold up as well as most of them. Because there's 8 different colours, I do think there's a colour for everyone here. ^___^

My experience with w2beauty has always been excellent - I've been so happy with their service that I've added them to my "where to shop" page (a non-sponsored page). Alice, the shop owner, is one of those genuinely nice, trustworthy people. I would absolutely recommend shopping from w2beauty, it's one of the 2 Korean cosmetic shops I will personally shop form.

- Very affordable
- Wide brush
- Packaging is adorable
- Bright, pigmented colours
- Wide variety of colours

- Unusually strong chemical smell

I wouldn't repurchase these because I have enough - but I'd definitely look into buying different colours if Etude House comes out with more peachy/pink colours (I need me some more of those) + shimmer! I love shimmer.

Note: I don't give half marks. 

Packaging: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Colours: 5/5
Quality: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

What about you?
Have you tried these nail polishes? What do you think? Would you try them?~

Disclaimer: These products were sponsored for review purposes. As always, this review is 100% honest. My opinion cannot be bought. This post contains an affiliate link. 


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