[Review] Laneige Multi Cleanser

Hey guys - I'll be reviewing Laneige's "Multi Cleanser" for this post!

I first tried this cleanser when I bought my first "Laneige Basic Care Set" box. It came in a deluxe sample size. I ended up using it every night to take off my makeup! 


"Mild and thorough cleansing for clear and bright skin"

Papain enzymes-based multi cleanser with 4 functions of:
- Removing makeup 
- Removing sunscreen
- Exfoliating 
- Cleansing 

The tube comes in a 180ml size, and is described as suitable for all skin types. Its dermatologist tested, and is apparently non-comedogenic tested as well. The product lasts for 30 months unopened, and is good for 12 months after first use. 

When squeezed out, the product is pretty thick, creamy and white. As you start massaging it into your skin, it foams up into this really foamy (heh) and bubbly texture. It feels creamy, but at the same time it feels lightweight. Hard to explain - but I like the feeling of this cleanser~


@ Amore Pacific stores (and Laneige stores): Approximately $30
@ eBay (Amore Pacific official dealer): $27 (but is currently on sale for $22!!)
@ Amazon: $28
@ Sasa: $32 (but is currently on sale for $23!!)


- Apply water on face with makeup and massage about a coin-sized amount of the product onto face to melt and remove makeup
- Use everyday to remove impurities inside pores and brighten skin

In use

Here's some photos I took! 

Lots of different makeup swatches, ranging from eyeliners, eyeshadows, cream blushes, and BB cream!

1. Lancome Colour Design Quad
2. Tonymoly Backstage gel liner
3. Bobbi Brown "creamy colour for lips and cheek" 
4. The Face Shop faceit auto styling eyeliner (brown)
5. The Face Shop facet auto styling eyeliner (black)
6. Holika Holika jewel light eyeliner (black)
7. Holika Holika jewel light eyeliner (amber brown)
8. Holika Holika jewel light eyeliner (pink topaz)
9. Dollywink liquid eyeliner (black)
10. Missha Perfect Cover BB cream
11. Lancome Colour Design Quad 

I put some water on my arm, and a dollop of Laneige Multi Cleanser, smack down in the middle. Then,  I massage it into the makeup swatches!

(I didn't take a picture of this part)
The white foam obviously changes colour because it's being mixed with all that makeup. The white changed to a gross grey colour on my arm. Ick!

After some massaging and rubbing, this was the outcome (after approx. 30 seconds)

It didn't take off the makeup 100%, because i can still see a faint swatch of the Holika Holika eyeliner (no surprise there, that eyeliner sticks like IRON) and surprisingly, the Tonymoly backstage eyeliner stuck around a bit as well! 

My opinion

I use this product after my Sephora supreme oil cleanser, to double cleanse. Double cleansing is a common (and important!) step in both Korean and Japanese skincare routines. I'm pretty used to doing it, and using 2 different products to remove makeup and cleanse my skin isn't a big deal for me. 

Anyways, the Sephora cleanser is admittedly a bit difficult to work with, I feel that it leaves an oily film on my face. It takes a whole lot of time to get that film off (and water). I like using this cleanser after because it really takes off any gross feeling, and I can feel it really clean my skin, down to the (not so itty) pores!

It's an alright cleanser - though it doesn't completely get rid of all traces of makeup on its own, it's not the reason why I purchased it anyways. I still like it enough to keep purchasing it. 

Rating: 4.5/5! 


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