[Review] The Face Shop "Real nature" face masks

Warning: Picture heavy post!

Face masks have worked quite well on my skin. They provide moisture and gentle skin care. So whenever I browse around Pacific mall (apparently the largest asian mall in North America hah), I always end up buying face masks. It's a no brainer for me - they're cheap, convenient and totally efficient!

The Face Shop opened in Pacific mall a couple of months ago. It's one of my favourite Korean makeup/skincare stores, so every time I visit, I'm always freakishly excited. If I have the money and justify the store sticker price, I end up bringing a couple eyeliners or small goodies home. 

Even though I have an obsession with face masks, I never thought of buying face masks in that store. D'oh!

Then a couple of weeks ago, a friend in Korea mailed me a huge package. Inside were a bunch of goodies and I was so happy to find a bunch of face masks from TFS! I think there were 10 of them in there? And since the packaging was so pretty, I ran out that same day to P-mall and got myself more TFS masks. 

Packaging: 5/5
Love the packaging design - it's simple and gets to the point. (It's also the reason why this post is so darn picture heavy. I love it.) There's also enough english for non-Korean readers to understand. Plus... picture demos! Gotta love them picture demos!

What it claims 
Because I have several different "flavours" of this mask, I just thought I'd take pictures of the packaging so you can see yourself. I personally find that better than reading a whole block of boring text. 
I also like pictures and pretty colours, so yeah. 

In order, the pictures will show:
1. TFS pomegranate mask 
2. TFS raspberry mask
3. TFS pumpkin mask
4. TFS mung bean mask 
5. TFS olive mask
6. TFS aloe vera mask
7. TFS ginseng mask
[Not shown: TFS cucumber mask]

1. TFS pomegranate mask
[Click to enlarge]

2. TFS raspberry mask

3. TFS pumpkin mask

4. TFS Mung Bean mask 

5. TFS Olive mask

6. TFS Aloe Vera mask

7. TFS Red Ginseng mask 

Not pictured: TFS Cucumber mask

For the most part, I take the specific "mask claims" with a grain of salt. When I purchase face masks, it's not because I want to "restore skin sag" or some other (very) specific reason. I find that face masks (the ones that claim crazy awesome claims) don't quite live up to them, but do provide excellent moisture and skincare nonetheless. 

For the masks above, I've tried at least 2 of each flavour (for Aloe Vera, ginseng and pomegranate, I've tried 3 each). I do think I've got a pretty decent idea of how well each mask works in terms of effectiveness (moisture renewal, soft skin, etc). Some flavours consistently provided excellent care, and other flavours consistently disappointed me.

The good masks: (Works well, worth trying out)
1. Ginseng (excellent, even though the smell may off-put some people. Works well, visible results the morning after. Pores less visible after use)
2. Pomegranate (excellent, the smell is a little like artificial grapes, but it works. I have smooth, clear and bright skin after regular use. Smaller pores after use)
3. Aloe Vera (good, absorbs well, makes my skin smooth and clear after regular use. If my skin is "red and angry", this mask is particularly good at reducing redness.)

The decent (Works, but it's nothing special)
1. Raspberry (borderline "good" but doesn't absorb as well as the top 3.)
2. Pumpkin (It's a decent mask, may be worth the money. I wouldn't suggest buying a heapload of these flavours because they only work "decently", whereas you can get better masks for the same price, or even cheaper. The pumpkin, mung bean and olive mask flavours are extremely similar to another in terms of absorption, moisture and even smell. 
- Absorption is "so-so", and leaves a slightly sticky feel after use. You can easily wash excess essence off, and your skin will feel much better than before use, though!
- Moisture renewal is good, it's effective and works well.
- I'd suggest using these flavours for nighttime, not before applying makeup. They're okay for nighttime use, because they're slightly heavier and stickier to comfortably use before makeup application. 
3. Mung bean (similar to pumpkin^)
4. Olive (similar to pumpkin^)

The bad (Wasn't worth $, will not repurchase... even if it's on a crazy sale.)
1. Cucumber 
This mask wasn't shown in the pictures above, but I used 2 of these. I think each TFS mask is $1.70 in stores (at Pmall, at least), but wow - the cucumber flavour is NOT worth $1.70. I don't usually have a problem with face masks because even though they might not be "perfect", they still provide enough care and moisture.

TFS Cucumber was the first mask to ever disappoint me (LOL, I say that so seriously but it's true!). Absolutely no moisture renewal, absorption sucked, and my skin didn't benefit at all. Basically, this mask was putting a slightly damp piece of toilet paper on your face. T___T

What it looks like

Huuuge puffy face!~ WHOOHOO.

Overall: 3/5
My experience with TFS masks hasn't been particularly amazing. If you buy them from TFS stores outside of Korea, I personally think it's too expensive given its quality. I can easily find (and know of) much cheaper and more effective masks! (C and F, Dermal masks)
Another note to add - the fit of these masks is ridiculous... they're absolutely HUGE. The mouth area of the mask is 2-3x bigger than other masks, and flap around like crazy! 

Don't take me wrong; the masks weren't horrible. They were decent, but because there are so many brands and masks to try out there, I don't feel compelled to repuchase them (even the "good" ones). 

So that abruptly ends my review on these TFS face masks. 

What about you - have you tried these masks (and which ones)? How did you like them?


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