When Facebook Status Updates Aren't Enough

I tend to be a wordy person.

Thus, Facebook posed a real challenge to me, in that status updates were limited to a certain number of characters - frequently leaving me with no choice but to trim away at a lengthy thought, condensing it into something the text box would actually accept.

Then Facebook decided to lose the limits and let pretty much any number of characters slide. Now your status updates can be pretty much as long as you want them to be. Nevertheless, they still pose a problem: in a cursory scan of your news feed, who's going to read the update that consists of several paragraphs of someone's thoughts...however good they may be? And I, quite frankly, have a lot of things (thoughts, music, graphic art, you name it) that I'd like to say...to share...to just get off my chest and out into the big wide world.

 Thus, "The Beautiful Side."

Now, before I run headlong into the world of blogging, I think one clarifying disclaimer is necessary: I am not the main point of this blog. "The Beautiful Side", just in case you think otherwise, isn't about me. I'm not planning on pouring out the contents of my journal or cranking out worthless dribble about how many times I've visited Starbucks and the health benefits of drinking coffee regularly (although heaven knows I love the stuff). I want "The Beautiful Side" to be, first and foremost, a place of refreshing. A place of ministry, where you don't meet with a frail human's opinions and frivolous pursuits - but where you meet with God and the liberating  truth of His Word (John 8:32). My heart's deepest prayer is that you encounter God. That's all that really matters.

Whether it's through artwork, poetry, or thoughts from my journey as a Christian walking in her Master's steps, I want you to be encouraged and reminded of God's incredible love for you. 

So welcome to "The Beautiful Side"!


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