Costume Party at Lucky 13

Last weekend, a group of us attended a fancy costume party at Lucky 13, a Miami-styled diner/bar/club that opened its doors to the public recently.

Sebastian, Xing, Melva and Alex (aka Shrek) were very serious about dressing up. Karen and I almost didn't want to dress up, but thankfully we decided to put on our poufy skirts to masquerade as cosplayers or we would have looked so out of place! It felt almost like Halloween all over again. ;)

We were all very amused by Alex's Shrek costume and wasted no time in taking turns to play with his humungous Shrek gloves. He claimed the Shrek bodysuit in his size had already been loaned out by the time he reached the costume shop, so he had no choice but to make do with Shrek's head and hands. LOL.

Our drink for the night - Jaegerbomb. It made me physically tired but mentally awake till the next day, hence I swore I would never touch it again!

On the contrary, JW loves Jaegerbomb so much he intends to drink it at Zoukout this weekend. Did I mention he's quite a character when he's high? Everyone loves him when he's high on alcohol. He even takes better photos! Haha!

Besides Jaegerbombs, we had photo bombs too. Do you see 2 zombies behind us? :P

Here're our outfits for the night, taken by JW when he was high and thus very enthusiastic about photography (not that I'm complaining!).

Have a good weekend!


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